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Episode 3 "A Community Party"

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The Founders returns for episode 3 "A Community Party"

This is part of a summer long series about three of the ten teams in Boulder, Colorado going through the 2009 summer class of TechStars. TechStars is a mentorship-driven seed stage investment fund. You can find out more at techstars.org.

Dave Morin from Facebook opens up the episode talking about his roots in Boulder, as well as his thoughts about the area. This weeks episode follows ReTel as they close their biggest sale to date.

Everlater talks about incorporating facebook into their product.

The Community Party featuring the Autumn Film theautumnfilm.com shows the excitement of the local community with over 300 local startup enthusiasts showing up to meet the teams and see one of Boulders finest bands.

Matt Galligan (TechStars 07, SocialThing & CrashCorp), Jeff Powers (TechStars 08, Occipital) talk about why they kept their companies in Boulder after TechStars.

The Next Big sound discuss the challenges of being the youngest team at TechStars.

Scott's wife visits and sees how he is 'living the dream.'